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Literature review on the dynamics of social movements in fragile and conflict-affected states

Earle, Lucy (2011) Literature review on the dynamics of social movements in fragile and conflict-affected states. Technical Report. University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK.

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This literature review assesses the available academic and policy-oriented literature on social movements in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. It examines who becomes involved in collective action and why, the barriers to mobilisation and, where social movements do emerge, how these are able to sustain mobilisation and broaden their membership base to reflect the interests of the wider community. Evidence from this review suggests the importance of considering the interplay of movement activity and state stability, and of taking into account existing state-society relationships. Donors could focus on creating a supportive environment for social movements.

Type of Work:Monograph (Technical Report)
School/Faculty:Colleges (2008 onwards) > College of Social Sciences
Number of Pages:36
Department:Governance and Social Development Resource Centre , International Development Department

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Date:August 2011
Projects:Governance and Social Development Resource Centre
Series/Collection Name:GSDRC Emerging Issues Papers
Keywords:Social Movements, Fragile States, Conflict, Development
Subjects:H Social Sciences > H Social Sciences (General)
J Political Science > JA Political science (General)
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Funders:Department for International Development
Copyright Holders:University of Birmingham
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